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The business was started by Bob Crisp and Derick Taylor in the 1970's in Myrtleford, hence the name Crisp & Taylor Hardware. Over time Derrick sold out of the business and Bob Crisp became the driving force of the Hardware store. In 1980 Bob took the opportunity to expand into Bright and set up on this site, which previously was used as a transport depot by Wally Miller.

The business was relocated to the old BP service station at 89 Gavan Street in 1987 which gave us exposure on the highway. In 2007, redevelopment of that site into a Woolworth's supermarket saw the business relocated to its initial site here at 22 Wills Street. In 2005 Bob closed the Myrtleford store and adopted the name “Crispy's Hardware” as all the local people spoke of going to Crispy's for their hardware.

Bob had a passion for personal and friendly service, characteristics he impressed on his employees. The business has grown from employing 3 people originally, to having 9 people working through the store. Whilst a lot of changes have gone around in retail, Bob maintained the traditional old style Hardware atmosphere.

Today Matthew and Simon Crisp, run the business from behind the scenes, with the store Manager, Serge Giollo leading a friendly and knowledgeable team. Customer service, helpful advice and local knowledge continue to be the cornerstone of our business.

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